The Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Continuing Education (FORCE) is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to facilitate scientific discoveries that will direct the future of orthopaedics.  As part of FORCE’s mission to improve the treatment of patients affected with musculoskeletal disease, collaborating physicians conduct high quality research, which significantly contributes to advancements in clinical care.  FORCE partners with influential physicians in the orthopaedic community to develop and execute research studies in a variety of areas including, shoulder, hand, elbow, podiatry, and sports medicine.  The dedicated and experienced research department also partners with industry to conduct clinical trials for the advancement of technological devices. 

Please view our gallery of current studies to learn more about the current projects ongoing at FORCE.

Prospective Multicenter Open Label Study of the Encore Reverse® Shoulder Prosthesis

This multicenter research study sponsored by DJO surgical examines the clinical outcomes and patien...

Correcting Glenoid Deficiencies in Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Using a Novel Humeral Head Autograft

This mono-center research study evaluates clinical and radiological outcomes of a novel bone grafti...

Ultrasound measurements of optic nerve diameter following acute concussion

This a prospective, multicenter research study to compare optic nerve diameter, measured on ultraso...

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